For this blog post, I’ve decided to post an excerpt from my latest novel, Haven. It’s the first book of my new apocalyptic series but can be read as a standalone. I can’t wait to finish writing this series! It’s been quite an adventure so far. I decided to use an excerpt from just one of the many characters featured in the novel. Wilson’s story was a fun one to write. I hope you like it.

Excerpt from Haven: Book 1 of the HAVEN OR HELL series

It was the day Wilson had been waiting for, and it was finally here. He could hardly believe it. When he’d been dishonorably after Desert Storm for obsessive use of force, he thought he would never get to shoot someone again. Not unless the end of the world happened. Turning off the television, he smiled. His wishes had come true.

Wilson hurried to his bedroom and started pulling ammo boxes down from the shelf in his closet. His sniper rifle was in its case at his feet. He took the boxes to the bed, then went back for his weapon. It was his prized possession. His baby. He cleaned it every night before he went to bed. It seemed to shine from its case when he lifted the lid, practically begging for him to pick it up. He obliged.

After grabbing it from the case, he went to the bed and started loading it. He tucked a few extra rounds in both the front pockets of his trousers. Carrying more ammo boxes with him, he went into the hall and lowered the trapdoor that led to the attic.

He could hear his mother vacuuming in her bedroom, the cunt. Wilson would deal with her soon enough. He knew he only had a short time to prepare. If the news was right, chaos would soon break out. He wanted to be there to watch the world fall and help it along if he could.

The attic was damp, and the air was stale and thick with dust. Wilson went to the dormer window and pulled open the blinds. When he couldn’t figure out how to make them stay up, he tore them down and threw them to the side.

He raised the window and took a peek outside. There wasn’t much movement yet, but he knew there would be soon enough. Wilson smiled at the thought of all his neighbors getting infected and killing each other. He hated them all. He wanted them to die.

A scream came from further up the street. Wilson watched as a man was tackled to the ground by two other people. They were tearing into him like a wolf into its prey. The news seemed to be right, after all. He felt giddy. He hadn’t been this excited in a long time.

Wilson leaned his rifle against the windowsill and laid the boxes of ammo on the floor under it. He had enough ammunition to last quite a while. He also had his pistol tucked into his ankle holster and a pocket-knife with a ten-inch blade tucked into his belt. With his weapons and training, he knew no one would stand a chance against him. It was almost time to play.

Copyright © 2020 E.B. Lunsford

You can find out more about Wilson by reading the novel. Haven is currently on sale for 99 cents until December 1st. If you haven’t checked it out yet, grab yourself a copy before the sale ends. Thanks everyone for your continued support! I will be doing another post before the end of the week with hopefully another book review. I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!  -E.B.

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