Hey, guys. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post anything last week. Winter storms are no joke, especially this far south. I can’t even remember the last time that snow stuck to the ground for longer than a few hours. Hell, it’s only even snowed down here a handful of times. My kids haven’t seen any snow since we lived in Tennessee. They were excited to have a snow day. That is until the power went out.

Most of the state had rolling power outages, but we were lucky and only lost power for a few days. I was happy to finally be able to pull my kids away from YouTube and video games and out into the backyard. I was so happy to see them playing in the snow. I also took the opportunity to stomp them both at Scrabble. They paid me back when we got to Uno and Yahtzee, though. It was fun getting to spent extra time with them.

Over the weekend, I participated in my first arm-wrestling tournament. I’ve been training for about three months and wanted to see where I stood. I can’t tell you how nervous I was to go up there in front of everyone, I’ll admit I don’t like being the center of attention. I felt like I was going to throw up the entire time, but I pushed my jitters aside, and I made third place. It was better than expected, and I’m so proud of myself. My arms are feeling it now, though. I can hardly lift them to type this post.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get much writing done last week. I’m ready to jump back in the saddle and get this next book finished. I also have another book review I will be posting later this week. Having no power was a great way to catch up on my reading. I just finished Carver Pike’s Scalp, and it was great. I can’t wait to tell you more about it. Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back in a day or so with my review. -E.B.

Published by E.B. Lunsford

I'm a writer, a mother, and an animal lover. I've been an avid reader for most of my life and love anything horror related. Some of my biggest influences include Richard Laymon, Jack Ketchum, and Steven King. I like poker, golf, video games, and rock music. You can learn more about me by visiting my website, eblunsford.com

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