Haven, Haven or Hell: Book 1

“Great story, start to finish. Draws you in and keeps you held on the edge of your seat. Can’t wait for the next.” -Review from Amazon

When the virus breaks out, Dana Flannigan only wants to keep her son safe. She finds this impossible to do as people everywhere turn into mindless cannibals. If only there was somewhere safe they could go.

Mike Powell ignores the morning news as he gets ready for work. A virus causing people to attack each other was the least of his concerns. His only worry was losing custody of his daughter.

Hannah doesn’t know what to think when her parents suggest playing in the attic. She’s never been allowed there before, and the thought of going now freaks her out. The attic is dark and scary, especially at night.

These characters and more must fight for their lives, and not everyone can survive. It feels like the end, but the apocalypse has only just begun. Worse things are yet to come…

Book 2 Coming Soon!

No Escape

**WARNING** This book contains GRAPHIC CONTENT, ADULT LANGUAGE, and SEXUAL THEMES. It should only be read by seasoned readers of extreme sexual horror and violence. Reader discretion advised.

YOU THINK YOU KNOW THE STORY. A cabin in the woods. A group of teenagers ready to blow off steam before graduation. What could go wrong?

YOU THINK YOU KNOW THE VILLAIN, but he has other plans for his victims. The cameraman makes unique films for profit, and new material is just what he’s looking for.

THINK AGAIN. It will be a weekend like no other. Hold on tight because this book is one helluva ride.

“Kickass debut novel. No Escape uses the ‘teens go to a remote cabin where bad shit awaits them’ trope, nasties it up, and makes it into the real deal! I mean, what was left to your imagination in the movies is in this book!” -Review from Amazon

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