Horror author. Mother. Animal lover. Grill cook. Golfer. Nerd. Bookworm. Gamer. Rocker. Poker shark. Arm wrestler. E.B. Lunsford is many things, maybe even your new favorite horror author…

E.B. has been told she’s too nice, but don’t let her smile fool you. It hides a wicked imagination. She also has a dark past filled with more trauma, pain, and suffering than anyone should have to endure. Reading was the only escape she had.

No horror is greater than reality. E.B. strives to bring her stories alive to help distract others from any real-life horrors they may be dealing with. Any escape is better than none.

E.B. struggles to remain active on social media. Between work, kids, reading, writing, and all her other hobbies, she doesn’t have a lot of free time. She hopes her readers understand. Follow her using the links below.