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Book Review: DOA III

Hi, guys. It’s been a little while since I’ve posted any book reviews, and it’s time for me to remedy that. I’ve read some really good books recently, and my only regret is that I haven’t had more time to blog about them. I’ve also discovered a few authors that are quickly becoming my new favorites, a couple of whom had stories in the anthology I will be reviewing today. DOA III was one of the best extreme horror anthologies I’ve read so far and packed one hell of a punch. Here is my full review as posted on Amazon:

“Mind Blown (and gone screaming into the night)

Wow. Just wow. What the hell did I just read? To say this book was awesome would be an understatement. If you’re looking for a book that will make you sit up a little straighter, bite your nails, and maybe even gag, look no further. This anthology left me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to be thrown at me next. I wish I could leave a review for each and every one of the stories in this book, but if I did, this review would be impossibly long. Instead, I’m just going to highlight some of my favorites.

Notches by Sean Eads and Joshua Viola was a helluva story to start the anthology with, and the fun didn’t let up there. The next story that really stood out for me was Skipp’s Splatterpunk Alphabet Souffle by John Skipp. This was a fun collection of stories that summarized what Splatterpunk really is. I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re new to the genre. The Package by Kristopher Rufty was also really good, and I loved the twist ending.

One of my favorites would have to be RED by Richard Christian Matheson. I had to read this one three times in a row to fully grasp the story. It gave me chills. I don’t want to give too much away, but this one really stuck with me long after reading. I can only imagine… well, I don’t want to imagine.

8 out of 10 by Daniel I. Russell was a fun story. I also really liked Bentley Little’s The Machine. Poor boy. These Beautiful Bones by Betty Rocksteady was another bizarre tale worth checking out. Honestly, I’d be hard-pressed to find a story in this anthology that I didn’t like. Beer Battered by K. Trap Jones is another story worth mentioning. Gotta luv the hellhogs!

L’amuse Bouche by Hal Bodner had a twist ending that I really enjoyed. The next story I would like to mention is Taking Root by Christoph Weber. It was an  interesting story that stuck with me after reading. And then you have The Bliss Point by Wrath James White. Another helluva a story. Ritchie by Eric J. Guignard is worth mentioning as well.

I’d Give Anything For You by Jack Ketchum and Edward Lee was another of my favorites. I did not expect the ending. I also liked John McNee’s Repulsive Glamour. It was different. The anthology ended with another of my favorites, this time by Kristopher Triana. It was quite a way to end the book, and one scene even made me gag. I can’t remember the last time a story made me do that! The Bitch was simply amazing.

I love when you finish and book, and it leaves you wishing for more. I can’t wait to read some of these author’s other works. If you like extreme horror and you’re searching for your next read, this book is for you. You won’t be disappointed. I sure wasn’t. I will definitely be saving this one to read again in the future.”

That all I have for you this week. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Time for me to get back to work on my next book.  -E.B.

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